Alleged #Sex #Trafficker Arrested After His #Mother Called #Cops On Him

50-year-old Sean Hayes was turned into police by his own mother after she learned that her son forced one of her students into sex trafficking. The Milwaukee resident is accused of approaching a 17-year-old girl at a bus stop in August 2017 and persuading her to come to become a model for his business Shining Stars Adult Entertainment.

The teen says the next day she had sex with Hayes and was brought into a sex trade from August to October under the alias “Honey”. She said she went on trips to Green Bay, Chicago, and other cities to perform sexual acts with men. It was during one of her trips from Chicago to Milwaukee that Hayes took a phone call from his mother. The teenager recognized his mother’s voice as that of her high school teacher and called her back.

The girl who had previously been living in a group home told Hayes’ mother that “she had been working as an escort for her son,”.

Hayes’ mother immediately called the police and tipped off the authorities of her son’s whereabouts. Hayes was later arrested and released after posting bail.

Hayes attorney says his client is innocent and that “records will prove the girl is lying.”

He is scheduled to begin trial June 18 for charges including the trafficking a child for sex and having sex with a child age 16 or older.

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