Arkansas Babysitter Arrested After Child, 8 Mos., Is Found Sweat-Soaked & Dead Under Her Watch

Melissa Garcia Rivera was trusted with the life of an 8-month old child, but now she’s facing manslaughter charges. The unlicensed Arkansas babysitter was arrested after the infant died with a fever of 100.5 degrees.
Melissa Garcia Rivera, 21, was arrested on Oct. 12, after an eight-month-old child entrusted to her care passed away two days earlier, according to Arkansas Online. The 8-month-old was reportedly taken to Mercy Medical Hospital by Melissa’ fiancé, Marco Antonio Garcia, after she discovered the infant was not breathing. Marco said he attempted CPR, according to 4029 News, but couldn’t get the child to breathe. When Marco and the baby arrived at the hospital, the infant had a temperature of 100.5 degrees and her clothes were soaked in liquid, thought to be sweat. Sadly, it was too late. The child was deceased upon arrival.

An autopsy wasn’t inconclusive regarding the exact cause of the infant’s death. The medical examiner said that they’re waiting on the toxicology report for further information. However, Medical staff told authorities the baby showed no signs of physical injuries. Marco, when speaking to the police, said that his fiancé was too panicked to call 911, which is why he drove the baby to the hospital.
Melissa was reportedly

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