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The Bell County Public Health District in collaboration with the Greater Vision Community Church in Killeen will present a youth forum on Saturday specifically designed for discussion about teen issues such as sexually transmitted disease and sex education, epidemiology, counseling, trafficking and more.

The Rev. Dawn Morrison, host of the forum, said she was inspired to launch this event because youth in the community are dealing with these issues on various levels.

“The youth forum will be education for our young people, parents and leaders, prayerfully to bring about a change with the issues we face in our community,” said Morrison. “We want to educate our community on the topics at hand.”

Greater Vision Community Church last hosted the youth forum and town hall two years ago. Approximately 100 or more community members are expected to attend.

“We hope for a brighter future as we become part of change in our community,” said Morrison. “I’m looking forward to the youth learning and sharing and others learning from the youth.”

City officials including Killeen police Chief Charles Kimble and Bell County Public Health District Outreach Educator Nina Cobb will speak at the forum.

The forum will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Greater Vision Community Church, 2000 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen. Minors must have a parental consent form to attend. Forms are available at the church’s administration office. For more information about the forum, call 254-200-4382 or email

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