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A statewide hotline to report child abuse is entering its fifth year. Those who manage the hotline say the program has helped kids in Colorado.

More than 200,000 calls were made to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline in 2017.

The hotline, in conjunction with a statewide public awareness campaign, created one single number staffed 24/7. That number to call if you suspect, or to report, child abuse is 1-844-CO-4-KIDS.

This month, the Colorado Department of Human Services is focusing on child sex trafficking. Victims of child sex trafficking may not talk about their experiences, making it important to recognize the signs.

Indicators a child or teen may already be involved in sex trafficking can include:

• The child or teen has money or other material items, such as a cell phone, they cannot explain.

• The child or teen has tattoos or scars they are hesitant or unable to explain.

• The child or teen experiences “stomach aches,” or difficulty sitting or standing.

• The child or teen posts sexually explicit material or images online.

• The child or teen discusses participation in a sexual act in exchange for shelter, transportation, drugs, alcohol, money or other items of value.

• The child or teen is accompanied by an overly controlling “friend,” “partner” or “boss”.


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