A #Colorado Man Was #Sentenced To 472 Years In #Prison For #Sex Trafficking #Teenage Girls

A Colorado judge sentenced a man to 472 years in prison for running a sex trafficking ring, in what is being called the longest sentencing for any sex trafficker.

Brock Franklin, 31, was found guilty in March on 30 counts including human trafficking of an adult, soliciting of child prostitution and human trafficking of a minor. In 2015, Franklin was indicted by a grand jury for using drugs and violence to prey on young girls forcing them to perform sex acts.

During the trial the jury heard from eight of the nine victims in the case. “Every morning I wake up I have to remind myself the defendant will no longer be able to hurt me,” the fist victim read from a letter.

Another victim, who suffers from depression, anxiety and other forms of PTSD said she misses the person she used to be. “I miss myself, my confidence, my laugh. I miss my happiness,” she describing her three “long months.”

Franklin’s defense team requested the minimum sentence of 96 years telling Judge Peter F. Michaelson he wasn’t found guilty of any violent crimes. However, Janet Drake of the Attorney General’s Office requested a 616 year sentence.

“This is not a minimum sentence type of case,” Drake said. “A 400-year sentence sends a strong message across the country that we’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence.”

Four other people involved in the sex trafficking ring were tried and convicted.

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