Convicted #South Valley #teen #murderer gets 16 #years to #life in #prison

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) — Exactly one month ago, a Tulare County jury found Chaylin Funez guilty of second-degree murder with a special allegation of using a deadly weapon and hit and run causing the death of Visalia’s Eric Fisher.

Fisher, a father, and husband loved God, his country, and above all, his family.

“He was a builder, not only in projects but in my confidence,” said Alice Aleman-Fisher, Fisher’s wife. “When I’d get discouraged, he was there to build me up. He supported me in whatever endeavor I pursued.”

On Thursday, Funez’s attorney asked a Tulare County judge to consider a lighter sentence, saying his client is inexperienced in life, and that her actions last Memorial Day weekend were neither sophisticated, calculated, or premeditated.

“She knows that words will never be enough,” said Nick Schuller. “She never intended to kill Mr. Fisher, she has remorse. “She knows that through me as her attorney, this is her last plea for this court to consider and give her a real chance of proving that she can lead a productive life.”

“She could have stopped the car and she could have helped him after the first hit, after the second hit, after dragging his body, after his body was dislodged, after the turn-on Turner Street,” said Tulare County Deputy District Attorney Noel Niayesh.

On May 27th of last year, Funez drove her car into Fisher, after Fisher had tried to break up an argument between her boyfriend and another man, reportedly telling them to take it somewhere else.

Funez then backed up over Fisher and dragged him down Prospect Avenue as his family watched in horror, yelling at her to stop.

Fisher died that night, and Funez, thanks to an anonymous tip, was arrested days later.

In court Thursday, Funez said she never meant to kill Fisher and that she got scared and panicked after the crash.

“I tore your family apart and I caused awful pain to Mr. Fisher,” she said. “I’m sorry, I’m ashamed, and I’m willing to face my consequences.”

“The moment she decided to take his life became the same moment she robbed me and my children of a lifetime of love, memories, and a future,” Aleman-Fisher said.

Judge Joseph Kalashian said Funez’s tears were crocodile tears because she was caught.

He gave his condolences to Fisher’s family and then sentenced Funez to 16 years to life in state prison.

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