#Copperas Cove: Teen in trouble for #fighting back #against bullies #Copperas Cove teen speaks out on bullying

COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) Jessica Fairchild says it’s an emotional battle walking down her high school hallways because she’s bullied at school every day.

“There would be Snapchat posts where they were making more insults and just talking about me, in class, I’m literally right there,“ Fairchild said.

Fairchild’s mother, Kiesa Capron, says she reached out to school administrators to try to put a stop to it and filed an incident report with police.

“I’ve gone to the main principal of the school, I’ve been to the student services up in the district and I’ve been to Copperas Cove Police Department,” Capron said.

She says her daughter’s bullies signed an agreement to stop the taunting.

“It felt like the contract was being broken multiple times,” Fairchild said.

The girl says the bullying escalated when and she pushed by other students at a football game.

Last week, she fought back when they confronted at lunch.

“I was too mad to think straight of what to do and it felt like even if i was to go tell the teachers or the principal they wouldn’t do anything because they haven’t for the past months,” Fairchild said.

The teen says the bullying has taken its toll and the district is considering disciplinary action against her.

“It’s kind of getting hard because each day it’s like I don’t know what to do anymore. It feels like it’s the end but I know it’s not because I got my friends there to help me,” Fairchild said.

In statement to KWTX the district said, “All reports of bullying are thoroughly investigated. If the findings of the investigation determine that bullying has occurred, appropriate action is taken.”

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