Cyber Safety For Teens

In a survey by Parent Security Online, 98% of the teens from ages 10 to 18, said they would never meet a stranger they met online.

With the increase in cyber-attacks happening daily, online bullying and predators utilizing the internet to identify their victims, it is necessary to educate our teens who likely utilize the internet more often than their parents the safest way to experience the internet. The online dangers that exist in the cyber world and directly affect our teens appears to be increasing daily. Many of our teens are also unaware of how their online persona can directly affect them for the rest of their lives. From posting unsavory pictures of themselves to making inappropriate comments, they are often simply unaware of just how these activities can prevent them from getting into the college of their choice or getting the job that they were hoping for after college, etc. National Cyber Security, will to not only teach teens to enjoy a safe online experience, but also teach them to protect their identities and keep their reputations clean.

This course is designed for ages 10 to 18 to teach them, that know matter how smart and “grown up” they think they are, their is always someone/criminal/threat smarter than they are.

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