Disabled children hate crime reports increasing

Reported hate crimes against disabled children are rising, a BBC investigation has discovered.
Figures from police forces across the UK show there were 450 incidents reported last year, up from 181 in 2014-15, 5 live Investigates found.
Families with disabled children described being targeted online and verbally abused in the street.
The Home Office said the rise was due to better reporting and more victims willing to come forward.
‘They wished she was dead’
Bethan Germon’s 23-month-old daughter Lydia has hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, which causes her head to swell.
It means at one point Lydia’s head was double its natural size. She also has cerebral palsy and is fed through a tube.
“You see a really ugly side of people online to the point where they say they wish she was dead or why don’t we kill her,” Bethan said.
“The online commenting has easily been the worst and my husband has actually made sure that I come offline for a couple of days when things have been said.
“He really does try to protect me as much as he can.”
The 29-year-old from Swansea said that while the family was most regularly targeted through social media, abuse was also doled out in the street.
“Some of my

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