Family #sues over #teen’s #death after #rodeo #competition

The family of a teenager who died after a bull riding competition is suing the organizers of the 2016 event.

Brandon Charley died in Fruitland, New Mexico, while riding a bull named WhooWee. The lawsuit filed in state district court claims the organizers were negligent and put the 15-year-old on a bull too dangerous for the junior competition.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that video provided by the family’s lawyers shows Charley’s hand appeared to get latched to the bull shortly after the ride began and WhooWee started bucking.

The bull ultimately landed on Charley, and the teen was pronounced dead later that afternoon.

The lawsuit alleged that no emergency medical technicians were on scene and there was no ambulance. Officials with Navajo Nation Jr. Bull Riders dispute that claim.

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