Fort Worth #teen charged in #death of #Bedford girl will be tried as #adult

A 16-year-old Fort Worth youth accused of using a hammer to kill a Bedford teen was certified Wednesday to stand trial as an adult.

Jordin Roache was rushed out of the courtroom Wednesday afternoon after Judge Tim Menikos reached his decision following an almost four-hour hearing.

A packed courtroom listened as Roache’s attorney Frank Alder told Menikos in his closing argument that the teen would be held more accountable in a juvenile facility if he was found guilty.

And Alder questioned Bedford detectives about the possibility of another suspect in the brutal killing of 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill of Bedford whose body was found in an Arlington land fill in June.

“Yes, the case remains under investigation,” Bedford detective Anthony Shelley testified Wednesday afternoon.

Roache had already been charged with delinquent conduct/murder in the case, but prosecutors sought to try the 16-year-old as an adult.

Roache’s mother testified Wednesday afternoon her son was a normal teen-aged boy who occasionally got into fights and he denied killing Kaytlynn.

But prosecutors noted Roache had a temper problem with a history of fighting.

Since he was taken into custody on Sept. 1 at O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Roache had had two physical fights with other juveniles and one verbal confrontation with another juvenile resident.

Prosecutors also presented Menikos with reports of Roache being arrested for assault in July 2016 and taken into custody in December 2015 for carrying a firearm on a school campus.

An arrest warrant affidavit states that Roache is accused of killing Kaytlynn during an alleged $300 marijuana deal at the Oak Creek West Apartments, near Pennington Field in Bedford, where she lived with her parents.

DNA evidence and cellphone records linked Roache to Kaytlynn’s death, according to the arrest warrant.

Kaytlynn’s body was found June 21 in a north Arlington landfill, two days after she went missing from her family’s Bedford apartment. The Tarrant County medical examiner later ruled that she died of “homicidal violence.”

Roache told Bedford police he and Kaytlynn planned to meet at the apartment complex dog park on June 19, but she never showed up, according to the warrant. He told investigators he did see Kaytlynn’s dog.

A witness told police Kaytlynn went to the dog park that day to take part in a marijuana exchange with the suspect and his brother, according to the warrant. She was going to make marijuana “dabs” – cannabis concentrates – and sell them back to the suspect, the affidavit says.

Hours before that, the witness said he and Kaytlynn smoked marijuana and watched a video on how to make “dabs.”

The witness said he followed Kaytlynn because he was concerned for her safety. The witness later told Bedford police the suspect had been aggressive and disrespectful to females, the affidavit states.

The witness saw Kaytlynn meet with the suspect, but she ran away because she saw the witness watching them, according to the warrant. The witness and Kaytlynn returned to her home, but Kaytlynn came back to the dog park about an hour later “to get the money,” according to the warrant.

The witness never saw her again.

Bedford police searched the complex after Kaytlynn was reported missing, but there was no evidence to suggest she had been abducted or was in danger, so an Amber Alert was not issued.

The suspect had been staying at the Bedford complex with his girlfriend for about two weeks before Kaytlynn was killed. Investigators on June 25 found blood on several walls and other parts of the girlfriend’s apartment, as well as on the head of a hammer believed to be the murder weapon, the arrest warrant states.

DNA evidence confirmed the blood matched Kaytlynn’s, the warrant says. Her body was found in the Arlington landfill on June 21.

Officials with Republic Service Sanitation confirmed to detectives the dumpsters at the Bedford apartment complex were picked up on June 21 and taken to the landfill, the affidavit states.

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