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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Step Ahead Foundation in Memphis provides IUD’s and contraception for free.

25-year-old Daryl Stephens told FOX13 for now she doesn’t want anything to distract her from her goals.

“I am very interested in my academic career,” said Stephens.

She said in 2015 just before she worked toward getting her masters, she knew she wasn’t ready to become a mom.

“I love children, but I know it’s something that really changes your life and I think it’s something you need to be mentally prepared for and in this day and age financially prepared for it, Stephens said.

This is why she turned to the A Step Ahead Foundation.

“We provide and pay for free long acting and reversible contraception that can help families plan when they’re going to have babies,” said Claudia Haltom.

A Step Ahead Foundation Claudia Haltom says the organization was created in 2011. The non-profit works directly with 22 local clinics in Memphis to provide free contraception for women.

Haltom said as teen pregnancies have continued to drop. She says between 2011 and 2016 teen pregnancy fell 38% and abortions 39%.

“If you wait to have your babies you will finish school, you’ll be able to have a better job, you’ll have a better stronger relationship because you’ll be more certain about your partner,” according to Haltom.

Stephens told us she knows plenty of women who didn’t wait, and what they had to go through. It’s why she’s making sure she accomplishes what she wants before being responsible for a child.

“It’s something that I am at least trying to prolong so that when they time comes I don’t have to think so hard about that decision, I’ll maybe know what I am ready for,” said Stephens.

Being ready now, may help many avoid a pregnancy they’re not prepared to handle in the near future.

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