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GRANDVIEW, Wash. — After a recent controversy regarding a sexual education curriculum for Grandview students, the school district is inviting parents to overlook a new curriculum.

The Grandview School District hosted a parent’s night where dinner was provided, and a couple of sessions regarding several student programs, including the sexual health curriculum, were presented.

Assistant Superintendent for the Grandview District Jose Rivera says they want parents to feel like they are being heard and can participate in what their children are learning.

“They get an opportunity to preview the curriculum that we currently have and ask any questions that they may have of the curriculum,” said Rivera.

The district was previously having a controversy with the parents because of a former sex education curriculum called Get Real which involved teachings from Planned Parenthood.

The majority of the parents said they did not want their kids to learn about abortion, so the school board decided to get rid of the former Get Real program.

The district has now brought back the curriculum that has been taught for over 10 years in Grandview, and they gave the parents an overview of what their kids will be learning.

“Students are going to learn about preventing HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of teen pregnancy and also learn about abstinence and how to take care of themselves,” said Rivera.

Rivera says abstinence will be their main focus as a preventative for STD’s or teen pregnancies.

Some parents were still having questions about the sexual orientation part, but overall the district got a better reaction from parents this time than they did with the former Get Real curriculum.

Superintendent Henry Strom says they want to keep seeing parent involvement and are inviting parents to be part of their committee or council.

“We are going to reach out to parents, have them sit alongside of our teachers and administrators, and take a look at where we’re in alignment with the standards and where we’re out of alignment and have them give us feedback on that,” said Strom.

After the district and parents approve the current curriculum, they will send it out to the curriculum council for its final approval.

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