Greenville #man beat #teen ‘slave,’ #addicted her to #heroin, forced her into #prostitution

A Greenville man enslaves a teenager, gets her hooked on drugs, beats her nearly daily and forces her to have sex with several men every night for two years.

A 33-year-old Greenville man enslaved a teenager, got her hooked on drugs, beat her nearly daily and forced her to have sex with several men every night for two years, according to evidence produced in his trial.

Alandis Patterson, also known as Vino, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by means of force and threats of force.

Evidence showed that Patterson, who did not use drugs himself, got an 18-year-old girl hooked on cocaine and heroin. He beat the teen on an almost a daily basis and forced her to have sex with numerous men a night from 2013 through the late fall of 2015, investigators said.

Evidence showed that Patterson beat the teen when he believed she wanted to leave, when she did not make enough money or if he believed she was taking any of the money. Investigators said 100 percent of the money men paid for sex was taken by Patterson.

Investigators said Patterson used drugs to control the teen and to make her into a slave for him. Patterson discussed the tactic with another pimp, explaining that girls were easier to control when they were addicted to drugs, evidence showed.

The teen was finally able to break free from Patterson when he was sent to jail for a short time on unrelated charges, and she was able to withdraw from heroin.

When Patterson got out of jail a short time later, the teen told him she was leaving and would not be back.

Investigators said Patterson then beat and choked the teen so severely she was treated at the hospital for bruises and swelling to her head and body and a possible concussion.

“The first step to eradicating human trafficking is to hold the traffickers accountable,” U.S. Attorney Beth Drake said. “While the defendant in this case threatened the victim by telling her that his name ‘VINO’ stood for ‘Vengeance Is Never Over,’ the sentence in this case sends a clear message to the contrary: The violence is now over. Those who traffic in sex need to take notice that our office, along with our federal and state law enforcement partners, will continue to aggressively investigate and prosecute all those who operate in this destructive field.”

Patterson was sentenced to 20 years in prison, followed by supervised release for the rest of his life and $50,000 in restitution to the victim.

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