Key #witness in teen’s #murder #trial accused of #lying

A key witness in the murder trial of a man accused of fatally stabbing a Gold Coast teen over a botched cannabis deal has been accused of lying.

Reece Rowe has been questioned in Brisbane Supreme Court over a November 2015 drug sell that turned into an altercation in which his friend Michael Brack was killed.

He denied the 16-year-old had pulled a gun on his alleged murderer, Ryan John Howes, before he was stabbed.

But defence barrister John Griffin argued Mr Rowe had lied to cover up the fact Michael had pulled a gun first.

Whether a gun was drawn before the fatal stabbing will be a critical question for the jury.

The Crown said it had to decide if Howe was acting in self-defence or with intent to cause grievous bodily harm or death to Michael.

Mr Rowe’s girlfriend Reality Marschke-Hand told the court he owned a replica pistol but wasn’t carrying it at the time of the fatal incident.

“It was in Reece’s backpack … in my bedroom just on the floor,” she said.

The day after Michael was allegedly murdered Ms Marschke-Hand unpacked Mr Rowe’s bag and gave the gun to a friend to stash in the roof, the jury heard.

Under cross-examination from Mr Griffin, Mr Rowe agreed he had lied about the drugs to police during his initial interview but came clean the next day.

“I don’t care if I got in trouble over (cannabis) over my mate dying,” Mr Rowe said.

Earlier, the jury heard Michael had planned to sell 14 grams of cannabis to Howes for $160, but refused when the accused murderer asked if he could be driven home to collect money owed for the drugs.

According to Mr Rowe’s evidence, Howes then “flipped” and appeared to throw a punch, but he later learned the teen had been stabbed.

Ms Marschke-Hand described Howes as scruffy and drunk when he came to buy cannabis.

“He was a bit all over the place, not majorly, but you could just tell that he wasn’t exactly sober,” she said.

Michael died as a result of a stab wound to the neck.

Evidence that Howes heard “two clicks” of what he believed to be a gun during the altercation is expected in the trial.

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