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Marion County, S.C. (WPDE) — Ziyadah Jackson, 18, has been bullied online ever since she changed her profile picture on Facebook last week.

“I wanted to try something different first, but then I was like I’m confident,” said Jackson.

It was the first time she decided to post a profile picture without wearing her glasses. She hadn’t felt comfortable about it because of her left eye.

“I was posting my picture just to change my profile picture. But when they started like cyber bullying me, I was like why y’all pick me. Like, I don’t do nothing to nobody,” said Jackson.

Jackson shared one of the comments with us, which said “cockeyed LOL,” said Jackson.

Her twin sister said the comments got worse and she could feel her sister’s pain.

“It was hurting me. Not only because that was my sister, but that’s my twin. And I felt like somebody needed outreach, because all of this negativity for what? You don’t know us. You don’t know our stories. She wanted to be strong so bad. But you can see that she wanted to cry too. You can tell she wanted to break down, but she tried to hold it can. But there’s a breaking point for everybody,” said Zyiana Jackson.

Jackson’s mother Rashanda Rivers said cyber bullies have no clue as to what her daughters have gone through. The girls were born premature and stayed in the hospital for three months. During that time, they had surgeries on their eyes.

“They had to have laser eye surgery. Because they had retinopathy of premature. So scar tissue detached her retina. So that made her have to have eye surgery again. They had to put a buckle over her left eye. And that left her … she can’t see out of her left eye. Neither can Zyiana,” said Rivers.

She said her daughters haven’t had an easy road.

“They’ve been through things. And people, you just want to find a profile picture and just pick? What possibly could you be getting out of that. When people say the little saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt. Words hurt. Words hurt. And seeing her going through what she’s going through and me feeling like I can’t do anything about it I can’t do anything about it, that hurt,” said Rivers.

Ziyadah Jackson said she replied to every comment with a positive one. She said and the more positive comments she posted, others started coming to her defense with their own positive words.

Jackson said her fellow classmates at Creek Bridge High School and perfect strangers all called her beautiful inside and outside.

She’s writing a book on her experiences of being bullied as a child and what she’s faced in recent days with cyber bullies.

Jackson said her book is called “Incompetent Rose” and chronicles her journey in life.

“You’re not in the world to please people. You’re in this world for a purpose. So press toward your purpose and help others. Like, it’s gonna be hard. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But you’re gonna have people that surround you that love you. And push you to be better,” said Jackson.

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