Neighbors on #edge after man #approaches #teen girls in #Queen Creek #area

A warning from a neighbor about a suspicious man approaching teen girls in the Queen Creek area has gone viral.

A woman posted several pictures from her home surveillance camera on Facebook of a man she said followed her teen daughters home from a fast food restaurant and approached them in the driveway. She explained that when the girls called 911, the man took off in his white Chevy Silverado truck with California license plates.

The pictures were taken by the surveillance camera a short time later when the man reportedly returned and tried to open the front door.

The incident took place in the Cortina subdivision in Queen Creek, near Germann and Power roads.

As of Wednesday late afternoon, the post had been shared more than 60,000 times.

People who live in the area are on high alert.

“I was like, wow! I’m glad that we are aware of it so people can actually hopefully look out and I feel like the more people that know about it then maybe we can find him,” said Katee Woffinden, who lives in the Cortina subdivision.

Along with being shared, the post received several thousand comments, several recounting similar incidents with what people believe is the same man.

“We have a good neighborhood Facebook page and so I’m sure tons of people heard about it on there, and then other people just texting each other,” said Woffinden.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office took a report on the incident tied to the Facebook post.

In an email an MCSO spokeman wrote, “There has been no crime committed. Based on the security camera photo and information provided by the person who called for assistance, we have a good description of the person and the vehicle of concern. MCSO deputies are conducting additional patrols in the community.”

Christina Flack, who lives in Queen Creek, learned about the suspicious man on her home security app. She said her heart started pounding because she had just allowed her young kids to play outside by themselves.

“We are such a tight community and we want to be safe. This is a very safe community and we want it to stay safe. So, we all have little kids and we love this area, so we just want it to be safe,” said Flack.

Residents report seeing the man at the Sprouts Store in Queen Creek as well as around Cortina Park, which is the hub of the community.

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