Parents of #teen who #killed #himself say #school didn’t help with #bullying

A Hicksville teen took his own life last week after years of bullying, according to his mother, who says school officials did little to stop the abuse.

Angie and Hector Collazo blame their 17-year-old son Angelo’s suicide on years of bullying at school.

“They were so cruel,” Angie Collazo says of her son’s tormentors. “He had scoliosis. He had to wear a back brace. They would punch him, kick him, call him cripple. They were horrible to him.”

She says it began when Angelo was in fifth grade, and it was still going on when he reached his senior year at Hicksville High School.

“One time, when he was in the eighth grade, boys pulled his pants down in the cafeteria — and then just recently on Monday those same boys that did that to him were in one of his English classes,” Angie says. “He didn’t want to go to English anymore.”

She says she reported the incidents to school administrators multiple times, but they failed to act.

“Once I reported it, two weeks later he was beat up,” she says. “The school did nothing.”

The district declined to address Collazo’s accusations. Instead, a district spokesperson issued a statement extending condolences to the family and sayings its “crisis intervention team” would be available for students in need of support.

The Collazos say they’re speaking out because they don’t want any more children lost to bullying.

“To the parents of bullies, and bullies themselves, maybe you should think about it next time,” says Hector Collazo. “Before somebody that you know loses their life, like my son did.”

The parents say the school should be held accountable for bullying and plan on meeting with school administrators. But for now, they say their focus is on saying a final farewell to their only child.

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