Police say #Decatur teen #shot 2-year-old boy while #playing #cops and #robbers

We’re learning new details in the shooting death of a 2-year-old Decatur boy on October 14.

The teen, Zachary Pherigo, arrested for the shooting was the boy’s uncle who was babysitting both two-year-old Justin Murphy and Murphy’s one-year-old sister.

Pherigo was found at the scene with a spent “DRT” .45 shell casing in his pants pocket.

He told police he was walking behind the strip mall at 3727 N. Woodford the day before, Oct. 13, when he found a black semi-automatic firearm lying on the ground near a dumpster. Pherigo picked up the gun and took it back to his home where he hid it.

Pherigo told police he took out the gun to play “cops and robbers” outside with his nephew on October 14. He went on to say he took Justin down to the ground and when Justin tried to get up he told him to stay down.

Pherigo said they were both seated on the ground at that time and he pointed to the gun to Justin’s side and told him “don’t move.” That was when Pherigo pulled the trigger not realizing the gun was loaded shooting Justin Murphy one time.

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