Pregnant #Teen Brutally #Shot To #Death In #Drive-by But #Baby Miraculously #Survived

The Tucson Police Department confirmed with Tucson News Now that shots fired outside Jasmine Vega’s home claimed her life, but they aren’t sure whether she was targeted. No suspects are in custody as of press time.

Hospital staff was able to deliver Vega’s son, although Vega’s boyfriend and the baby’s father, Anthony Rivera, said his son remains in critical condition and on life support.

“All I was thinking was I wish your mom was right here to see you,” Rivera told Tucson News Now. “It sucks. It sucks seeing your baby like that.”

Angelina Ruelas, Vega’s mom, was in total shock over her daughter’s shocking murder.

“We were just wrapping presents [Friday] night,” Ruelas said, as reported by Tucson News Now. “She was happy to be a mom, she wanted a baby so bad. “I’m not going to tell him it’s going to be OK, because it’s not.”

Vega had just shared an image from her ultrasound on her Facebook page this past August and was excited to be a mom.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

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