Provo #teen #hospitalized after #group of #girls pull out her #hair

A 15-year-old girl was hospitalized after several girls pulled out her hair and scratched her.

Six to eight girls, each 15 to 16 years old, were on the scene between Coleman Veterinary Hospital and Day’s Market in Provo, Police Sgt. Nisha King said, near 3121 N. Canyon Road.

“She went to the hospital because she had her hair pulled out,” King said.

Wendy Haddock Morgan This is not a school problem. They weren’t on school grounds. I’d be pressing charges against each girl involved for ASSAULT. And if Provo PD won’t do it, call the Sheriff. Then the Lt. Gov, and allll the media.

Chris Medina If you ask me the girls that did this shouldn’t be allowed back in provo school district! This is wrong on so many levels. People wonder why kids retaliate in the schools these days. There is so much bullying that goes on in the schools it’s sad. Back when I was a kid I had my butt whipped for being late. Kids don’t know what true punishment is! Drink or not when will children learn that there are consequences for their actions.

Katie Armstrong Why the heck were these girls not arrested?! This is ASSAULT! This is not a school issue, this is an ASSAULT issue. And they should be charged and sent to spend a night or two or several weeks in juvenile detention. This is ridiculous. WHY ARE KIDS NOT GETTING DISCIPLINED AND THE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS?!?!?!

Tiffany Egan If this happened in Nebo School District they’d only be suspended for 10 whole days!! It’s a complete joke!!

KateLyn Craig Bullying has always been swept under the rug and now it’s out of control. Parents need to start PARENTING and teaching respect for others and the value of human life. Schools need to start actually punishing bullies and not just ignoring it because it’s easier. And we need to stop glorifying live feed violence. Kids are beating others up and livestreaming it for “likes”.

Betsy Villa-Livingston Please educate your kids. This is an assault. Teach them that the very moment they assault someone their lives are going to change.

Tonight a girl is in the hospital (luckily she did not die).

One set of parents are watching over their injured daughter and trying to make decisions.

The other set of parents are pacing the floor wondering what’s coming next. Sleepless night for everyone. Most likely parents are not going to work tomorrow and hours will be spent looking into lawyers etc…

Keep your hands to yourself and if you don’t… be ready for the consequences.

April Martindale Carrick Wonder if it would be handled differently if it was on the other side of Provo.

Jeanne Burnett They won’t get into any trouble at all. The boys who beat my son so he was unconscious one time and needed 7 stitches another time we’re not even suspended for fighting. He was 8 the boys were 12.

Rachel Hassard Shepherd Absolutely sick & wrong!

Those girls should be charged as adults in my opinion!

My heart goes out to the poor victim!

Emily Stone I bet it’s the same group of kids who bully me when they see me walking down the street!!.. they’ll run up to me and call me all sorts of names..

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