#Recognizing the signs of #domestic #violence in #teens

CKSONVILLE, Fla. – Advocates with the Hubbard House want to warn parents about more teens becoming involved in abusive relationships.

It’s a warning that comes in February, during Teen Dating Violence Awareness month.

According to the Hubbard House, it’s all about stopping the cycle of domestic violence. The sooner teens and young people can understand the difference between a healthy relationship and an un-healthy one, the better off they will be.

The One Love Foundation’s message is simple: Love Better. It’s named in honor of Yeardley Love, a Virginia student.

In 2010, Love was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t until after her death that people learned he had abused her.

“Everyone saw those warning signs, they just didn’t know what they were seeing. If anyone in her life had understood those red flags, the outcome would have been totally different,” said Annie Forrest with One Love Foundation.

Forrest says those warning signs are what people, especially teens, need to identify, to stop the cycle of domestic violence. These cases often begin with emotional abuse.

Some signs to watch for include:

Intensity – a relationship that develops extremely fast.
Control or jealousy- these behaviors from a significant other can masquerade as love but in reality, are possessive
“If someone is looking through all of your Instagram photos and ‘liking’ every single one and it takes a
turn from someone being attentive to controlling, these are all red flags to look out for,” said Forrest.

Young women ages 16-24, are three times more likely to experience an abusive relationship, according to the One Love Foundation.

The foundation speaks at schools across the nation to get the message out to our youth. They’ve partnered with the Hubbard House to save lives and prevent another tragedy.

One Love Foundation has reached over 22,000 students since 2015. The nonprofit’s workshops have been used in all Duval County high schools for the past three years, in many of the local private schools, and at 25 colleges and universities throughout the state of Florida. Nationally, One Love has reached over 200,000 people in person with its content and another 85+ million online.

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