Roswell #Police To #Host #Teen #Cyber Safety #Summit

ROSWELL, GA — The Roswell Police Department will host a summit to teach teens how they can remain safe on the web. The Cyber Safety Summit for Teens will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Roswell-Alpharetta Public Safety Training Center.

A special seminar for parents will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. while the youngsters will gather for the summit from noon to 2 p.m. With the increase in cyber attacks, online bullying and predators using the internet to identify potential victims, Roswell police say it’s necessary to inform teenagers of these risks.

It’s also imperative that teens are informed how their online persona can directly affect them for the rest of their lives (SIGN UP: Get Patch’s Daily Newsletter and Real Time News Alerts. Or, if you have an iPhone, download the free Patch app).

From posting unsavory pictures of themselves to making inappropriate comments, teens “are often simply unaware of just how these activities can prevent them from getting into the college of their choice or getting the job that they were hoping for after college,” the agency added on its Facebook page.

Roswell police not only want to show teens how they can have a safe online experience, but to also teach them how they can protect their identities and “keep their reputations clean,” the police department notes.

The Roswell-Alpharetta Public Safety Training Center is located at 11565 Maxwell Road in Alpharetta.

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