Senior #project inspires #teenager to create #film about #teen #depression

LAS VEGAS – A senior project turned into inspiration for one area student to spread the message about teen bullying and suicide.

“The film flashes back and takes the audience back through the events that led up to Angel’s suicide attempt,” filmmaker Nicky K. said.

Filmmaker and local high school student Nicky K. wrote and produced a movie that shows “the Signs” as a way to talk about teen depression and suicide. The film ultimately ends up back at the treatment center where the main character, “Angel” is supported by her family.

“Her parents are telling her that everything is going to be ok and everything that she’s going through, she’s not alone,” K. said.

Nicky says she wants the film to prompt solutions for teens struggling with depression and to encourage them to speak up when they’re dealing with difficult emotions.

It’s a struggle Nicky has personally pushed through.

“In middle school, I have been in the situation where people picked on me and called me gay and things like that and it had a toll on me,” K. said.

Five months of writing, shooting and post production also took this filmmaker on her own journey. Acknowledging her own strengths, while she’s helping others her age.

Several teens have reached out to K. And revealed their own battles.

“I have a purpose in this world and this is to help people,” K. added.


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