‘I #snapped’ Says #Bronx Teen Who #Stabbed Two #Classmates After #Years of #Bullying

On September 27th, a Bronx student, Abel Cedano, stabbed two classmates with a switchblade in front of everyone in his U.S. History class, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other.

The 18-year-old told ABC News that he initially tried to walk away when his classmates wouldn’t stop bullying him but when he came back from the bathroom the bullying continued. In a jailhouse interview, he told The Post that “I guess I just snapped,” and that he “didn’t mean to kill him.” He had attempted suicide by taking pills just the day before.

According to one of the witnesses, Jomarlyn Colon, 16, the horrifying incident occurred when Cedeno was hit by pens being thrown across the room and demanded to know who did it. Shortly after Mathew McGree, 15, stepped forward to say it was an accident and Cedeno pulled out the switchblade, she told The Post.

McCree moved in to strike Cedeno, and Cedeno plunged the blade into his chest, Colon said. Then Ariane LaBoy, 16, confronted the classmate, and Cedeno stabbed him in the chest too, according to Colon.

The 18-year-old was released on a bail of $250,000 in November and was charged with manslaughter. Laboy survived the attack but sustained several stab wounds and was in a coma.

Cedeno is now filing a lawsuit against the Department of Education because “nothing really happened” when he first reported the bullying years ago. Cedeno said the attacks on his sexuality started in 6th grade but no one really listened.

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