Teacher’s #aide reportedly #slept with #teen student, gave her #STD

A former teacher’s aide was busted for allegedly giving a student a sexually transmitted disease during a series of illegal trysts in a hotel near their school, according to reports Monday.

Alex Palomino, 27, is also under investigation for possibly bedding other students, because the girl told cops he was sexually involved with at least one other teen, WFTV 9 of Orlando, Florida, reported.

Palomino, who worked as a “behavioral technician” at the private LAKE Academy and Children’s Development Center in Eustis, reportedly began communicating with the then-16-year-old victim girl via Snapchat in June and eventually asked her out on date.

They had sex in a hotel in nearby Tavares on three occasions, meeting once every other month until Palomino ran out of cash, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The girl’s dad told cops about the illicit relationship on Oct. 9, about a month after her pediatrician diagnosed her with an unspecified STD.

Palomino was charged Saturday with unlawful sexual activity with a minor, and was being held on $45,000 bail.

A school spokesperson said Palomino was fired for unrelated and unspecified reasons before the start of the current school year.

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