Teen #accused in #Roger Trindade #death accused in #beating of another #teen

An Orange County judge on Tuesday denied bond for a boy accused in the beating death of Winter Park High student Roger Trindade last year.

Simeon Joshua Hall, 16, has been charged as an adult in the death.

The assistant to the State Attorney argued in court that Hall is a public safety concern because he’s charged in another beating unrelated to Trindade.

“He thwarted his electronic monitor. And he went out and engaged in activity which resulted in the felony murder,” the State Attorney argued to the judge.

Investigators say Hall messed with his ankle monitor just a few days after being released from juvenile detention. He then went out and was involved with the beating of another teen, they say. The unidentified teen suffered non-life threatening injuries that caused great bodily harm and permanent disability or disfigurement, officials said.

Trindade, 15, died in a hospital a year ago Tuesday, days after being found beaten in a Winter Park city park.

Initially, Hall and another teen were charged as minors. But following the second accusation, Hall’s charges were increased, and he’ll be tried as an adult. He faces charges of manslaughter, two counts of battery and one count of tampering with an electronic device (his ankle monitor).

In court last month, Hall and the other teen defendant claimed their alleged involvement in Trindade’s beating was in self-defense.

The judge overseeing his first appearance on his most recent charges agreed Hall should be held at the jail without bond.

“You were just released from the juvenile justice center when you committed this new battery. The court has ongoing concerns for the safety of the community,” the judge said.

The case against Hall regarding Trindade’s death was slated to be heard in November, but the State Attorney’s Office said that date will be pushed back now that Hall has been charged as an adult.


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