Teen with #autism #bullied, forced to eat his own #waste, his #father says

JEFFERSON HILLS, Pa. – The father of a student who has autism at Steel Center Career and Technical Education school said the boy’s classmates forced him to drink urine.

Jefferson Hills police started a criminal investigation to see if charges should be filed.

A Bethel Park father told Channel 11 he brought his son to police to file a report after he got a disturbing call from his son’s school, saying he had been bullied and the bullying had been videotaped.

The father of the victim asked to remain anonymous. He told Channel 11 his son said he was forced to eat his own feces and drink urine, while other boys recorded it on cellphones.

His son told him the bullies kept saying, “You gotta do it! We will give you money to do it!” He says his son, who has autism and is bipolar, is eager to make friends and would do anything.

He said there were three separate incidents, including one occasion on which the bullies offered him money to eat his own feces and another time at which they urinated in the toilet, stuck his head in the toilet and flushed it.

“I find the acts that were described by his father to be horrific,” said the family’s attorney, Phil DiLucente. “I hope the investigation concludes quickly. This shouldn’t happen to a special-needs child and I’m very disappointed with the whole situation.”

The Steel Center offers classes to students from many different school districts in Allegheny County.

Its executive director declined Channel 11’s request for an interview, but released a statement saying, in part, “We are conducting an investigation into a confidential student matter. All appropriate steps are being taken at this time.”

The father told Channel 11 his son is no longer attending the school.

Channel 11 learned the accused students go to schools in other districts in the area, including South Park and West Mifflin.

It will now be up to Jefferson Hills police and the district attorney’s office to decide if the actions should be prosecuted.

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