Teen #caught on #camera stealing #package from #Palm Bay #home

A bold theft in the middle of the day — one teen is under arrest, but a Palm Bay family is still out one Christmas gift.

Teen caught on camera stealing package
Homeowner had installed a security camera recently
One teen has been arrested
“We just bought it this weekend, and just installed it,” homeowner Lilli Sonntag said of her family’s new front porch security camera. “It was up for two days.”

She didn’t know the brand-new camera would be put to work so soon.

Just a couple of days after putting it up, it recorded something surprising around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.

A 14-year-old boy walked directly up to the front porch, cutting through the yard, as another male watched from closer to the street.

The teen covered the top of his head with a blue jacket, but you can still see his face.

“You can tell there’s a camera there,” said Sonntag. He was unaware the motion sensor camera had triggered.

“A text message comes up, and tells you there’s movement at your front door,” she said.

After bending down below camera view, he picked something up with his right hand.

It was a recently-delivered package, and he calmly walked back across the yard and tossed it to his friend. The pair then nonchalantly walked away around the corner.

“It was a gift for him, yeah,” said Sonntag, speaking about her 9-year-old boy.

Now it’s in the hands of a thief, instead of making its way under the Christmas Tree.

“Hopefully people can be more aware of what their kids are up to,” she said.

Police say the stolen item hasn’t been returned.

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