Teen #charged with #felony #assault after #alleged #bullying #incident

WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A teen is facing a felony assault charge after an alleged bullying incident at West Carrollton High School.

According to the county prosecutor’s office, a student at West Carrollton High School has been charged with second-degree felonious assault. 2 NEWS is not releasing his name because he is a juvenile.

The mother of the boy who was allegedly bullied is now taking matters into her own hands.

“Once I got to the school and I watched the video, my stomach dropped,” said Rachel Tussey. “My heart broke, and I was angry. And I’m still very angry.”

Rachel Tussey said she remembers the moment she saw a Snapchat video allegedly showing her son Alec being assaulted by another student.

Tussey filed a police report February 5, the day of the altercation. According to the report, the student “continued punching him until a teacher…intervened.”

According to the police report, the teen told police he was provoked by something Alec said to another student, which Alec denies. The suspect has been charged with second-degree felonious assault, according to the prosecutor’s office.

“They’re so desensitized to this,” Tussey said. “It’s just another day to them. And that’s not okay. We’ve got to change that. We’ve got to do better.”

Alec sustained a concussion and jaw injuries, Tussey said. On Monday night, she launched an online petition, advocating for school resource officers in every school and mandatory police reporting in similar situations, among other ideas. As of Tuesday night, it has collected at least 4,000 signatures.

The family has also hired an attorney.

“I believe the school administration could be more proactive and could level the playing field to deal with bullies quickly and promptly,” said Mark Landers, the family’s attorney.

According to West Carrollton’s school superintendent, Andrea Townsend, the incident was investigated, and disciplinary actions were taken.

Townsend sent 2 NEWS a statement, saying, in part: “Our district takes bullying very seriously, and is constantly teaching and reminding our students to be respectful of others in all their interactions. We regret that sometimes students engage in misconduct that hurts others, and we will always strive to eliminate these incidents from occurring.”

Rachel Tussey said she believes the bullying problem goes beyond West Carrollton.

“What’s being done right now isn’t working,” she said. “So we need to try something new. And we need to search for new options. And put new awareness out there. And let kids know that there’s somebody they can talk to.”

Alec is still resting and continues to recover from his injuries, Tussey said. He will likely be home-schooled for the rest of the year, she added, and the family plans to move so he can attend a different school next year.


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