Teen #charged with #killing #parents to be #tried as #adult

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A judge says a Maine teenager charged with killing his parents will face murder charges as an adult.

Andrew Balcer (BAHL’-sur) is accused of stabbing Alice and Antonio Balcer to death a year ago. He was 17 at the time and turns 19 next month.

Judge Eric Walker issued an order on Thursday saying Andrew Balcer should face the charges in the adult system. He also certified the case to go forward to a grand jury.

During an October hearing, prosecutors argued that Balcer should be tried as an adult. He could face 25 years to life in prison on each murder count.

Balcer’s attorney says his client should remain in the juvenile court system.

Court testimony revealed that Balcer told a police dispatcher he “snapped” on the night of the stabbings.

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