Teen #cited for #bullying #schoolmates

Brescia, February 15 – A 17-year-old boy was cited Wednesday for allegedly bullying seven minors including a disabled boy at his school in northern Italy. Carabinieri cited the alleged bully who carried out the alleged acts of bullying in a high school in the Bassa Valle Camonica near Brescia.

The alleged victims were refusing to go to school for fear of suffering more acts of bullying, police said.
The bullying allegedly took place between September and December 2017.

The school reported the case to the police who, after quizzing the alleged victims, cited the 17-year-old to juvenile prosecutors.

Meanwhile a 15-year-old boy was allegedly gang-raped by a group of youths of about the same age in a childcare centre near Belluno in 2013, legal sources said Thursday.

A security guard who is alleged to have been an accomplice by not intervening ha ben put on trial.

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