Teen who escaped #sex #traffickers in home #country #trafficked for #sex by #sister, #investigators say

A sex trafficking victim smuggled to the U.S. for safety told investigators her older sister, who was supposed to protect her, sold her for sex in Central Florida.

A report detailed how the sister forced the victim to spend time with a 47-year-old man in exchange for rent money.

Juan Parada is now in custody and facing charges of human trafficking and sex with a minor.

An arrest affidavit details an arrangement he made with the victim’s sister to have sex with the girl for $600 to $400.

She told investigators Parada would drive to his home in Deltona, about an hour away, where he forced her to stay the night with him.

Parada told the victim, “To treat him like a man likes to be treated because they needed money and she needed to concentrate on her future,” according to the affidavit.

Detectives said the girl had been trafficked in a brothel in her home country, and after testifying in court against her traffickers, she received death threats.

That’s why another sister paid a coyote to bring her to Orlando, but immigration detained her in Miami for 50 days, eventually allowing her to live with her sister, who told her, “She needed to help with the household by paying rent and planned for (victim’s name) to have sex with Juan.”

The victim went to school at Prosperitas Leadership Academy where she confided what was happening to a teacher, who contacted the Department of Children and Families.

DCF issued an emergency removal for the girl.

Authorities arrested Parada 10 months after the investigation began once they got a search warrant to verify pigment discoloration on Parada’s body that the girl could identify.

Parada is the only arrest agents have made in this case so far, but MBI director Ron Stucker said the case is still being actively investigated.

The victim did tell detectives she was worried for her nieces and other sister left behind in the home of the sister accused of selling her for sex.

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