Teen gave #gun to #friend right before he was #shot and #killed, #police say

An 18-year-old Belleville man gave his friend a gun minutes before the friend shot and killed him, according to police.

Quantez Jones, now 17, is facing murder charges in the Nov. 29 shooting death of his friend, Deveon Hunt, in an alley off West Main Street in Belleville.

The two were walking in an alley behind the 7600 block of West Main, police said at the time of the shooting. They were shooting at a house and Hunt was standing in front of Jones when the 16-year-old fired shots that hit Hunt, killing the teenager.

Following is an account of what occurred the night Hunt was shot, according to an affidavit filed by Belleville Police Detective Patrick Koebbe and recently obtained by the News-Democrat:

When officers arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found a man named Demonte Zeilman nearby acting “hysterical” and pacing all around.

“He kept yelling that his brother was shot and the police were not doing anything about it,” Koebbe wrote. “Zeilman had his phone in his hand and said he was streaming everything on Facebook Live.”

Zeilman began yelling and threatening a man at the scene of the shooting. Officers seized a phone he had on him and eventually determined that phone belonged to Hunt.

He explained to police that Hunt gave Zielman the phone to post a photo on Facebook before Hunt left Jones’ house at 26 Southern Drive earlier that night — about a half mile from where Hunt was shot. Zielman told police that Hunt was there with three or four other people, including Jones.

When officers interviewed Jones, the 16-year-old told them that Hunt came to the Southern Drive house after his shift at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

After telling a different version of what happened, Jones eventually told officers that he and Hunt left the house together.

“Jones stated that as he and Hunt were walking, Hunt gave him a pistol and both he and Hunt then fired shots at the residence (on West Main Street),” Koebbe wrote in the affidavit.

According to Jones, Hunt had a beef with two people who lived at the house.

Jones then admitted to officers that shot Hunt and then called 911 from his sister’s phone, which he had on him at the time of the shooting.

According to Zielman, Jones came back to the house on Southern Drive and said to him, “I think Deveon is shot.”

Investigators confirmed this sequence of events by using surveillance footage from multiple locations in the area, which depicted two figures believed to be Hunt and Jones walking.

Koebbe did not immediately return a call for comment on the investigation.

St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly said in November that officials could not comment on either Jones’ or Hunt’s criminal history.

“If he had a record, we could not talk about it. And if the victim had a record (as a juvenile), we could not talk about it,” Kelly said.

Jones is scheduled for a status hearing in his case Jan. 31.

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