Teen #girl #shot, #killed while doing #dishes after #social media ‘beef,’ Tenn. #police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WATN-TV) – Memphis police say a beef on social media led to a shooting death of an innocent teenager.

Thursday, police arrested 20-year-old Dominique Holman for the Jan. 7 shooting death of Gabby Harris in Whitehaven.

Authorities said Holman was upset with a Harris family member, and opened fire into a home, hitting the 14-year-old while she washed dishes.

Gabby Harris’ mother said she’s appreciative of the arrest, but is still overtaken with grief weeks after that deadly shooting, which cost a promising high school freshman her life, and infuriated Memphis Police leaders.

“Memphis, we must do better.”

Memphis Police Deputy Chief Mike Shearin didn’t sugarcoat his disgust Friday morning after police arrested Holman for the deadly shooting of Harris earlier this month.

“We all have to seek better means of conflict resolution,” Shearin said.

Authorities said Harris wasn’t the intended target when Holman, upset about a possible social media post by one of Harris’ family members, opened fire into a Whitehaven home, hitting the teenager in the head.

“This is a case where a disagreement between two acquaintances spiraled out of control and cost an innocent teen her life,” says Shearin.

Harris’ mother told WATN the Whitehaven High School freshman was a sweet girl who loved to dance, sing, and draw.

Gabby’s mother said her daughter’s death devastated their close-knit family, a family still upset and stunned.

“The hardest thing is not being able to hear her laugh again, and she had a laugh that was so radiant, that you would laugh hard without even knowing what she was laughing at,” says Bridget Harris. “Just not being able to hold her.”

Harris says she’s never seen Holman and doesn’t know who he was targeting.

She’s working on a scholarship in Gabby’s honor, as well as a non-violent curriculum for schools.

Memphis police leaders said Harris’ unexpected death, involving a hot temper and guns, is an important lesson for other Memphis families.

“When you know someone that’s going around carrying a gun, that’s involved in gangs, drugs, domestic violence, we need you to speak up, do something about that, get involved in their lives before something like this happens,” Shearin said.

In Memphis, the circumstances of Gabby Harris’ death are extremely rare. Memphis police said in 2017, in 123 of the 129 solved homicides, the suspect and victim knew each other.

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