Teen #pregnancy #falls, but #funding #needed

In the New Year, we have much to feel thankful for in our Greensboro community. The local volunteers at Planned Parenthood celebrate that North Carolina teen pregnancies hit a record low for the ninth consecutive year, falling 7 percent in 2016. With this new decline, the state’s teen pregnancy rate has fallen 73 percent since it peaked in 1990.

Nationwide, researchers have attributed teen pregnancy declines to increased use of birth control.

North Carolina communities have focused on facilitating these trends. Due to the important work of our Planned Parenthood local clinics, our community clinics and our supportive doctors, we are making a difference for a teen girl’s ability to make a decision for what occurs for her future.

The newly released teen pregnancy rates come as federal funding cuts threaten progress. Due to lack of funding, some teen pregnancy-prevention programs are ending.

Please help us take action and communicate with your legislators to restore and maintain this imperative health care for girls and women in our area. We should always have a choice!

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