Teen #Stabs Classmate With #Scissors For #Daring To #Pull Up Her #Dress

Fortunately, the male student was not seriously injured and was simply taken to the school nurse’s office for treatment.

In wake of the “Me Too” movement, one would thing men would learn a thing or two about keeping their hands to themselves.

Apparently not.

A teenager learned the hard way what happens when you touch a woman — or her dress — without her consent.

According to a police report, a teenager at Central High School in Memphis, tried to pull up a girl’s dress inside of a classroom.

That was his undoing. The lady was not to be trifled with.

The offended girl grabbed a pair of scissors and pounced on her classmate. She then proceeded to stab at her classmate multiple times until the tip of the scissors connected with her abuser’s flesh.

Fortunately, the male student was not seriously injured and was simply taken to the school nurse’s office for treatment.

The teen said he was just “playing” — a favorite justification by men for their sexual misconducts — and did not expose the victim to the class. The male student apparently did not realize the magnitude of his action; middle school and high school is a very sensitive period for students and they generally shape themselves and their self esteem up during that time. Students have killed themselves over bullying incidents at schools — and pulling up a girl’s skirt amounts to bullying, certainly, as well as sexual harassment.

Fortunately, the male teen’s stupid reasoning did not excuse him from getting a juvenile summons for sexual battery. The girl also got the summons for aggravated assault, because one does not go about stabbing classmates with scissors, no matter how abominably they behave.

However, it is hoped her actions at least managed to make her classmate see the errors of his way and he will think twice before trying to mess with a girl in the future.

Just recently, another young woman gave a lesson to a man who groped her. Leanna Carr was walking in a street in Dublin, Ireland, when a man grabbed her butt and made a lewd joke about it. Carr, who just happened to be a powerlifter, unfortunately for the man, punched him in the face and got him “on the cheekbone, hard,” according to her triumphant Twitter post.

These incidents should serve as lessons that sexual assault in any place should not be tolerated and it is best it should be nipped in the bud. Hopefully, these men got the message.


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