Teen with #Down #syndrome stands up to #online #bullies #Teen with Down #syndrome stands up to #online #bullies

A family in Grand Traverse, Michigan is standing up to a group of bullies using social media to target a mentally challenged teen.

Last week, Gracie Simon found herself in the middle of a cyber-bullying group on snapchat with a very hurtful name, called ‘retardation’.

Random people added Gracie to the group and began picking on her.

The group was asked to stop but they apparently just started another group with the same name, part ‘2’, this time posting a picture of her along with the mean comments.

“If they knew anything about Gracie and how awesome she is and how friendly and loving she is, she accepts everyone and that’s how a lot of kids with Down syndrome are that way,” said Abby Simon, Gracie’s sister.

“Be kind, be brave and don’t let anyone be picked on and stand up for yourself and believe you can do it,” Gracie said.
Gracie’s siblings put a post on Facebook calling out the bullies and asking them to be more accepting. They hope it will inspire bullies to re-think their actions.

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