TEEN #TALK: #Hear what the #parents #have to #say

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – News 10’s Lora Painter has been pulling back the curtain on some difficult topics to discuss with teenagers.

The topics have ranged from bullying to guns to sexual assault.

Lora said that what the panel of local teens had to say really surprised their parents who were in the studio during the recording.

When substance abuse on campus was discussed, including some new, easy to hide devices, the parents went on high alert.

They also told Lora they were happily surprised to learn the teens’ compassion and call-to-action attitude when it came to helping fellow students who run into trouble.

Parents said they learned about Juul because of the interviews.

One mom said, “Knowing that that’s out there and like we said, plugged into, in plain sight, how many times we may have seen it and didn’t realize what it was.”

Another mom was please with the kids saying that they stood together on topics like bullying.

“I thought it was good that all of them understood when they were talking about bullying that if as soon as you stood up to that, it stops. And it’s important for peers to stand up for peers.”

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