Teen’s #courthouse fight with a #police officer #takes a #horrible turn when a single #gunshot is #fired

An 18-year-old man was shot in the head after picking a fight with a police officer in court on Wednesday, and most of the ordeal was caught on video.

The incident, which took place in a Quebec, Canada courthouse, is being investigated by authorities, who have alleged that the teenager took the officer’s baton and hit him over the head with it. The move reportedly prompted the officer to fire off a shot. Disturbing video from the incident was shared online, and it shows most of the fight and the shooting.

When the footage begins, the young man and the officer are already scuffling outside of the courtroom while two other security guards watch. When the officer gets the teen into a headlock, an onlooker can be heard saying, “That’s abuse of force man.” Two other men step in to help push the teen through a door and into the courtroom. While it’s difficult to discern exactly what happens next, the person filming walks over to the door just in time to capture the officer shooting the teen once, hitting him in the head as a woman who appears to be his mother looks on. Afterwards, the video goes erratic and multiple people can be heard screaming.

Both men were immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment to their injuries. Quebec’s independent investigations bureau (BEI) is not aware of their conditions, but the witness who filmed the spectacle indicated that the young man who was shot is now in stable condition.

“He was touched close to the eye… but he’s going to be fine,” the witness reportedly said.

The teen’s mother confirmed the news, sharing on Facebook that her son went through surgery and is in stable condition after the bullet failed to strike his brain.



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