Texas #Rangers #Investigating #Death of #Teen After #Arrest in #Ochiltree #County

PERRYTON, TX – Texas Rangers were asked to investigate the death of Zachary Keen Brown, 19, after he was arrested by the Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Department.

Brown was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia on March 21.

Officials said several hours after Brown was arrested, he appeared to have some type of seizure.

While waiting for EMT’s to arrive, Brown stated that he had ingested narcotics prior to coming to jail.

When emergency personnel arrived, they treated Brown for a drug overdose and transported him to Ochiltree General Hospital.

While at Ochiltree General Hospital, officials say Brown’s medical condition continued to destabilize and he was airlifted to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo.

Brown died at NWTH on March two days later.

As of Thursday, the investigation was still ongoing.

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