Texas #teen #body #slammed by #cop but says he was #trying to #protect his #sister

A Black student at a Texas high school was slammed to the ground by a Galveston County sheriff’s deputy for trying to break up a fight involving his sister and now his mother wants the school to take action against the deputy.

The incident last Thursday involving William Jones, 17, who attends LaMarque High School in Texas City and the cop’s takedown has gone viral, reports Houston station KPRC. Jones says he was simply trying to de-escalate the situation between his sister and another student.

Only trying to break it up
“I’m just trying to prevent the next thing from happening to making things worse,” Jones said about his attempt to break up a fight.

The unidentified deputy can be seen violently taking Jones down while other students screamed in the background. The deputy, who was working security at the school, approached Jones while he already has his hands behind his back. Jones said he did not resist arrest or make verbal threats as the deputy has claimed.

“I tried to grab my sister and, I don’t know, the police just jacked me up,” Jones said.

Jones was charged with making a verbal threat and resisting arrest.

“I got a phone call from my sister saying William (Jones) is being arrested,” said his mom Jarquetta Campbell.

“To see him handled like that, it hurt me as a mother,” Campbell said.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s office maintains that Jones made the threat against the officer but said they have launched an internal investigation into the matter.

The Texas City Independent School District is also investigating the case and the sheriff’s takedown approach.

“Him charging him and slamming him the way he did is unacceptable. Something has to be done,” Campbell said.


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