An #updated list of #teen #texting #codes parents need to #know

Parents, do you know what MIRL means? What does TDTM or 99 mean when it’s sent in a text or online?

If these acronyms look like a foreign language to you, it’s time to study up.

Your child could be using these codes to communicate on their cell phone, leaving you clueless.

Cleveland19 is taking the mystery out of these acronyms.

Let’s start with this one: FYEO. It means “for your eyes only.”

MIRL means “meet in real life,” which is something you may want to watch out for, because it means your child could be meeting up with a stranger.

KYS is a dangerous code. It stands for “kill yourself” and could be used if your child is being bullied, or even bullying another child himself.

And there are number codes too, including 1174, which means “meet at a party spot” and 53X, the code for sex.

There are also plenty of different codes that make sure parents aren’t around when teens are talking to each other.

They include MOS, which means “mom over shoulder” and PAW stands for “parents are watching.”

These codes change all the time, so it’s hard for parents to keep up.

An app called Bark is keeping track of how teens text.

They’ve combed through their data to find the most common acronyms teen use on a daily basis.

The bark app syncs to teens’ phones and alerts parents of anything suspicious.

Below is a list of common codes parents should know.

Keep in mind, these are constantly changing!

FYEO – For your eyes only
IWSN – I want sex now
MIRL – Meet in real life
MOS– Mom over shoulder
P911– Parent alert
PAW – Parents are watching
PIR – Parent in room
POS – Parents over shoulder
TDTM–Talk dirty to me
WTPA – Where the party at?
KYS – Kill Yourself
GNOC– Get naked on camera
1174 – Meet at a party spot
99 – Parents are gone
53X – code For sex
Netflix and Chill – Getting together and hooking up
NIFOC – Nude in front of computer

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