TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – Video on Facebook shows two security officers with the Mall at Barnes Crossing wrestling a teenager to the ground, arresting him, then dragging him inside the mall as a crowd of teens watched.

Late Friday night, Tupelo police responded to the mall for what was described as a “large group of juveniles.”

Police say mall security made the call.

The viral video shows security refusing to let the teens into the mall after closing hours. Then one teenager walked up to a security officer standing in one of the entrances to the food court. When the teen approached in what appeared to be a threatening manner, the confrontation escalated with shoving between the two and the second officer grabbing the teen from behind.

Other security officers could be seen on the video trying to keep people away as the teen was being arrested.

According to Lee County Sheriff’s Department records, 18-year-old Drew Smith was arrested and charged with three counts of failing to comply, all considered misdeamenors. A judge set bond at $3,200.

The sheriff’s department said Tupelo police was the arresting agency and mall security is the charging agency.

At this time, we know one female hurt her leg during all of this.

Tupelo police say they do not know how the injury happened.

That female was not taken to the hospital, but she did wait in an ambulance until her parents arrived.

Tupelo police and the mayor’s office are referring questions related to Friday night’s incident at the Mall at Barnes Crossing to mall security for details.

Sheriff Jim Johnson says he has been made aware by the public of threats made on social media in reaction to this incident. He says it is his job to keep everyone safe and he will not tolerate threats.

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