Woman #accused of #intentionally #running over #teen #brother

A Memphis woman is behind bars after police said she ran down her teenage brother with a car.

A security guard was directing traffic at St. Mary’s School on Monday night when it all happened right in front of him.

The intersection was busy with traffic and many of those drivers stopped their cars and got out to help.

“It’s mortifying,” witness Asia Meador said. “I mean I don’t think I’ll ever or at least anytime soon forget the imagery and the sound his body made when the car hit him.”

Meador said she has not been able to sleep after witnessing the 16-year-old boy hit by a car while she was headed to a meeting. She and other witnesses called 911.

What makes it even worse is that it appears to have been intentional.

“The person sped up to hit him,” Meador said.

He was hit so hard that his shoes came off, according to the witnesses. The impact so hard it threw the teen at least 10 feet in the air.

“He said the school he went to and he knew who did this, faintly speaking as he was laying on the ground that it was his sister,” Meador said.

His 20-year-old sister Shantel Virginia is now charged with domestic aggravated assault.

No one answered the door at Virginia’s listed address, but the car still shows signs of impact on the windshield and the roof from the teen’s body.

The security guard at St. Mary’s told police he heard an argument and someone yelling, “get out of my car.”

The guard told police a woman and the teen started arguing in the grass in front of St. Mary’s.

He separated them, then the woman got in her car and ran over the teen, who was walking in the intersection.

“I just want justice to be served,” Meador said.

Virginia has a record. In 2016 she was accused of hitting, scratching, and biting the father of her child. That same year she was accused of simple assault after a fight with two female friends.

The teenager’s leg and shoulder were injured, and he was hospitalized in critical condition.

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